Computer Engineering
Mechanical Engineering is the most major core branch in which we deal with the machines and their working and construction, it also includes the construction and working of such machines. In mechanical we work with such hardcore instruments to understand and to be in the mechanical invironment.

Technical Staff :
Ms.Mahajan Payal, Mr.Jagtap Virasen, Mr.Muneshwar Manoj, Mr.Vaidya Vaibhav, Mr.Lavhale Suraj, Mr.Mundik Santosh, Ms.Gudmewar Shalaka, Mr.Kadam Hanuman, Mr.Suryawanshi Laxman, Mr.Kale Angad

Workshop: More Bhagwan, Barhate Gopinath, Shaikh Zameer, Siddiqui Akhiloddin.
Non-Teaching Staff:

Mr.Sonwane D.(Accountant), Mr.Ghaywat N.(Accountant Asst.), Mr.Tawale S.(OS), Mr.Tilkari R.(Clerk), Mr.Kadam P.(Clerk), Mr.Khurud S.(Clerk), Mr.Kale S.(Clerk), Mr.Devkate K.(Librarian), Mr.Kale S.(Lib Asst.)

Workshop Staff:

Mr.Lavhale S.(Workshop Superintendent), Mr.Siddiqui A.(Electrician).

Workshop Instructor:

Mr.More B, Mr.Barhate G, Mr.Shaikh Zamir.


Kharwade B, Awchar C, Nakhate C, Bhore R, Kamble V.


Sapate K, Gaikwad K, Kingre S.
Mechanical Engineering
Mr.Rahul Kalikar
Civil Engineering
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering is the field that involves the study of the Eletronics as well as Telecommunication Engineering. In this branch, we deal with both electronics and telecommunication strategies, as per its name shows that. Those having interest about eletronics and telecommunication should go for this field.

Teaching Staff: Mr.Dumne Omkar, Mr.Tiwari Rohan,Mr.Hule Virbhadra, Mr.Gadade Uttreshwar, Mr.Tarwate Dnyaneshwar , Mr Mathe S.B.
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
Computer Engineering is one of the core fields in technical area, it is the most rapidly changing and developi ng branch. Each day in this field comes with newly develeped thing. So, our institute mainly focused to the practical knowledge and which is being very benificiary for students.
The people who have some curiosity about computer system than just using the computers should go for this branch.

Teaching Staff: Mr.Shinde Shailesh, Ms.Tapdiya Shruti, Ms.Chaudhari Amruta, Ms.Dukare Priya, Ms.Yande Shrutika.

Non Technical Staff: Mr.Parpelli Sanjay L.(System Admin).
Civil Engineering is a technical field that deals with the study of Building Construction and Construction Materials. The constructions is not only related to the Hard-core media, now a days it involves Computer Graphics (Such as Computer Aided Design) and S/W Based 3D Construction models.

Teaching Staff: Mr.Irfan Hussian, Mr.Bendsure Amol, Mr.Bhande Dinesh, Ms.Hibare Darshna, Mr.P.Rankhamb ,Ms.Sawane S.
Choice Code: 251724510 Intake : 60
Choice Code:251761210 Intake:120
Choice Code: 251719110 Intake: 60
Choice Code: 251437210 Intake: 60

First year is start of students career so, we conduct different activities, extra exams for growing routes of our future engineers and give the scope of basic subjects like physics, chemistry, communication skills & mathematics.

Teaching Staff:
Ms.Jadhav Varsha, Mr.Bharose Nandkishor, Mr.Syed Irshed, Mr.Pawar Taterao, Mr.Jadhav Vikram, Ms.Chavan Jaya, Mr.Nalte Ashish.
Science and Humanity
AICTE approved, Institute Code 1553, DTE Code 2517
AICTE approved, Institute Code 1553, DTE Code 2517
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