1) COMMUNICATION SKILLS (English) (311303)
  • CO1 – Construct grammatically correct sentences in English.
  • CO2 – Compose paragraphs and dialogues on given situations.
  • CO3 – Comprehend passages correctly.
  • CO4 – Use contextual words in English appropriately.
  • CO5 – Deliver effective presentations in English using appropriate body language.
2) BASIC SCIENCE (311305)
  • CO1 – Use basic instruments to measure the physical quantities in various engineering situations. 
  • CO2 – Apply the basic principles of electromagnetic to solve given engineering problems.
  • CO3 – Apply basic principles of thermometry and fiber optics to solve engineering problems.
  • CO4 – Predict the structure, properties and behavior of molecules and compounds based on the types of chemical bond.  
  • CO5 – Apply the concepts of electrochemistry and corrosion preventive measures in industry. 
  • CO6 – Use the appropriate engineering material and catalyst appropriately
  • CO1 – Apply the concepts of algebra to solve engineering (discipline) related problems.
  • CO2 – Utilize trigonometry to solve branch specific engineering problems.
  • CO3 – Solve area specific engineering problems under given conditions of straight lines.
  • CO4 – Apply differential calculus to solve discipline specific problems.
  • CO5 – Use techniques and methods of statistics to crack discipline specific problems.