Institute arranges various industry expert lectures for students and faculties. The objective of expert lectures is to explore particular subject with interaction with industry experts. Expert session provide platform to students to express their ideas and view. Student gets benefit to relate theoretical with practical inputs of field. Series of such session pour an extra enthusiasm to student to give practical approach to their study.

Expert lecture on Development of Advanced Computing skill like 3D/2D Animation ,UX Design, Design Thinking Mr NItin kale( Professor at MAT College ,Mumbai) 16/03/2023 SY & TY
Expert lecture on Design of E-Vechicle Mr Mosin Khan 26/02/2023 SY
Expert lecture on CAD & Solid Modeling Mr Ade .A 14/11/2022 TY
Expert lecture on Introduction Automobile and Engine performance Mr Dhobale.S 05/11/2022 TY
Expert lecture on Road and Safty Mr Waghamare .A 15/09/2022 TY
Expert lecture on Soft skill & carrier guidance Mr Rakhewar.A 24/04/2022 SY & TY
Expert lecture on EDP Expert Mr Zarikar .S 19/04/2022 SY & TY
Expert lecture on EDE Mr Rajurkar.s 28/04/2022 SY & TY
Expert lecture on Overview of Engg Drawing Mr Chilwante P.S 22/01/2021 FY